Since pour inception BES has a tradtion of developing and maintainig some of the top catchers in the region. Our cathers class has been a mainstay for all these outstanding athletes, many of who have gone on to play at the next level. The classes will go over all the necesssities to perform the art of catching at its highest level. YES, We believe catching is an art form and take great pride in develping the best! If you are a catcher, do not miss out on this class! 

Classes will go over intermediate and advanced techniques for

  • Stance

  • Framing /Recieving

  • Blocking/Recovery

  • Increasing arm strength and pop times

  • Proper throwing 

  • Mechanics for trow outs and back picks

  • Footwork for play at the plate

  • Pass ball techniques

  • Foul balls and tips

  • Footwork for fielding bunts

  • How to control the running game

  • Mental aspect of the position

  • Developing pitcher/ catcher repore

  • Umpire/Catcher relationship

In our humble opinion this is the most advanced catcher specific cirriculum offered in RI and our success rate is proof. The classes will be run by our 18U Premier staff with guest help from our Collegiate Alumni. Registration is monthly. See details below.


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